Trinity United Methodist Church

Trinity United Methodist Church

Administrative wing

Evansville, Indiana

At Trinity UMC, the aim was to create an appropriate approach to the sanctuary. The path taken by most begins at the lot outside of the church’s education building (1925). The utilitarian main corridor of the education building lead to a poorly lit Tower Lobby (1865) at the core of the church campus. From the Tower Lobby, a steep and outdated ramp lead to the sanctuary.

To remedy the challenges, a 3-part phased plan was developed to improve the procession for guests to the church. Phase 1 redesigned the ramp to meet the current building code and make it handicap accessible while expanding the transitional space upon entering and exiting the sanctuary.

Phase 2 incorporated upgrades to the Tower Lobby and main corridor. By using the existing narrative of the building, we added architectural details, from brackets to beams, to elevate the main spaces and also made improvements to the main entry. New lighting, flooring and paint revive the entire procession while maintaining its historic and traditional character.

To complete the experience, Phase 3 calls for a port-cochere to be added at the entrance of the education building.