St. Pius X Catholic Church

st. pius x catholic church

rochester, minnesota


This 91,630 square-foot master plan includes demolition, extensive renovation, and select new construction to the existing 1950s campus.  Hord Architects has since completed three phases of this overall plan.  The most recent of which is the major renovation of the existing nave.  The church members requested a more transcendent place of worship.

The existing nave had a 180-degree plan form.  The goal was to keep the original building form but transform the church by creating more light and warmth coupled with verticality and transcendence.  The new design incorporated a long skylight through the center of the space creating more height and natural light.  Modified balconies with new transparent railings expanded the views of the stained glass windows and allowed the balcony participants to feel more active participation in the Mass.  Renovation also included HVAC, electrical, and code upgrades.