Hord Architects is a full service architecture firm.  We are responsible for providing architecture and basic engineering services for our clients. Below is a description of services - Architecture, Planning, Interior Design & Additional Services.





Master Planning is a long range examination of an owner’s physical assets including buildings and land.  Master planning varies widely from firm to firm and from specific project to project.  It can be as simple as a land-use plan diagram for an undeveloped piece of property or as complex as a complete existing facilities evaluation, including architectural programming and design for a campus of buildings. 

Many of our master plans are for churches.  Having a master plan is good stewardship.  It leads growth in a deliberate way and will prevent having to “back up” or modify a building, because the future was not carefully considered.  Examination of the life cycle of existing buildings should be part of a master plan.  This information informs whether or not to continue maintaining a building. 

A Master Plan does not always require any immediate building or renovation.  It is simply a “roadmap” for future growth and will be a guide to informed decisions. 

A Master Plan can take up to six months and may include a bound color book in addition to the drawings.  There are typically three phases of work as follows: 

     • Research & Programming Phase
     • Design & Production Phase
     • Presentation & Owner Review Phase

For more information about the phases, see Master Planning.