Additional Services



Hord Architects is a full service architecture firm.  We are responsible for providing architecture and basic engineering services for our clients. Below is a description of services - Architecture, Planning, Interior Design & Additional Services.



additional services


Site Selection - Choosing the right site is critical to the success of any project.  If you do not yet own land, we can advise you on evaluating properties. Factors to consider include size, topography, zoning, access, location, soils, and available utilities.  Subsurface investigation (geotechnical engineering) may be required to determine site suitability.  A Phase I Environmental Survey is recommended to learn more about prior uses and possible challenges. 

Public Approvals - We often represent our clients in the public approval process which includes zoning boards, planning commissions, and design review boards.  We approach this with rigorous research, genuine respect for the approvals process, and responsible architecture and planning.  We have worked successfully with approval boards from New York to Tennessee. 

Building Assessments - This often occurs during a master planning process; however, the service can be a separate task.  The work involves study of an existing building for code compliance, maintenance, life cycle, and suitability for intended use.  This may include structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering evaluations where necessary.  Renovation investment needs to be studied and compared to replacement cost to ensure the dollars are well spent.